A Bad Combo: Tourism & Snowmageddon

March 21, 2021

The hope of flying out or into Colorado last weekend busted over a blizzard with more than 5 feet of snow that halted travel for many in hopes to add an extra day to their highly anticipated ski getaways.

As the Denver airport closed down Monday due to Snowmageddon, travelers were frustrated as their ski trip got cut into unexpectedly as travel was made difficult all across the state, including most populated areas.

Laura Woodcox, a mother of two college students, had trouble orchestrating and dealing with three other flights for their yearly family ski trip and her own.

“It was extremely frustrating, but I understand because it was Mother Nature that wreaked havoc on Denver,” said Woodcox. “But we are lucky that we are in Colorado this time and are very appreciative of the airlines that continued to rebook us and didn’t cancel our flights.”

Jason Martin, who was leaving from George Bush Intercontinental in Houston, woke up extremely early for his morning flight. He got turned around to having a flight several hours after that to Denver, dealing with delayed flight frustration on one of the busiest weeks to travel to Colorado during this blizzard.

“Just to be clear, it was canceled at first, and then it was pushed. I had my flight canceled about 10:00 p.m.,” said Martin. “I was supposed to go out of town at 2:00 p.m. Anyway, it ended up getting pushed. I was supposed to go out early. Of course, that didn’t happen.”

Martin also said, “Airports were packed, all the flights were booked and I was frustrated, kind of pissed off actually.”

Frustrations on all ends left travelers pissed off, but then thankful for their trips as a day or two after the luck of fresh powder eased the early on stress from no fun flight cancellations and delays.



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Brooke Perry

Brooke Perry

Journalism Student at University of Colorado Boulder & Skier